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Joseph is a Wellbeing Expert and Dating & Relationship Coach. I have hosted workshops for women amid their quests to discover the relationships they have always wanted. Am assisting people to change their minds and attitude towards relationships and dating. I provide educational services for government agencies, I work for individuals and groups, and marketing services on a freelance basis. 

Before I begin writing on dating and relationships, I received a graduate degree in theoretical physical chemistry. After that, I needed to shake things up, I went to a law school and graduated in 2014. She became a law professor for sometimes but now I write full-time. 

I created a Writers Coffeehouse, which is a free three-hour agenda that is open for discussion and networking sessions for the writers of all levels of skill and genres in multiple locations within the country every month. I have opened the Writers Coffeehouses in Philadelphia, Willow Grove, PA, San Francisco, Asheville, NC, San Diego, and Los Angeles.  

The reason why I started this blog post on the hook-up app is to create awareness of the benefits of hook-up apps.  

You can sign up for a free consultation, and discover whether I can help you with your dating and relationship needs 

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