Chiropractic Skin Care

Chiropractic Skin Care

When you visit a chiropractor’s office, your expectation is to walk out of there feeling like you’re ten feet fall and with total relaxation across your body. There’s just something about getting my spine adjusted that just makes everything feel so perfect and aligned that gives me a feeling of euphoria like I’m a brand new person.

While it does a great job for my posture and comfort and gets rid of a lot of tension, aches, and pains, I had no idea the benefits that it can bring to your skin. Yep, releasing all that pressure along your spinal column goes well beyond just helping your bones and muscles, it extends all the way to the epidermis.

How Chiropractics Benefits the Skin

The other day I was visiting a chiropractor near me and he asked how my overall health was doing during the initial conversation about what I was hoping to get out of my appointment. I told him the usual stuff that people go to their office for – an achy neck, stiff back, stuff like that. However, he noted that I had some skin irritation on my face and asked how long and frequently that had been going on.

I was a bit perplexed why, when he would just be adjusting my spine, he was curious about my skin, but then he explained to me how all these things are interconnected. When you go in for a spinal adjustment, it eases all of the tension and pinching of thechiropractic skin care nerves that connect to your spinal column. All that cracking of your vertebrae takes the stress away from the area. With the stress to these nerves reduced, it opens up your circulatory system and allows for better flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen all throughout your body.

As you can guess, all those nerves send this nourishment all the way to your skin – your body’s biggest organ. A lot of my skin problems had to do with dryness, and he explained that my adjustment that day could help with my skin issues. After he explained it, it all made practical sense to me. I had never thought how all of these things could be interconnected when I was just going there to get rid of the aches in my back and neck, but now I have even more reason to visit his office more regularly.

While it has only been a few days since my appointment, I can say that my skin is looking a little bit better than it did a few days ago, with no other real changes to my skin care routine or diet. I was skeptical at first, but I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing so far. Now if it could only help me lose weight (like I talk about here), all my problems would be solved!

Reader Feedback

Do you visit a chiropractor with any regularity? Have you ever discussed with them how it affects your skin? Have you noticed any changes in your skin after a spinal adjustment? What other atypical types of treatments have you used that have improved your skin? Feel free to comment with your experiences below!

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